Giraffe Quiz

Test your knowledge of Giraffes
1. How long is a giraffe's tongue?
a) 5"
b) 18"
c) 10"
d) 24"

2. How do male giraffes judge a female's fertility?
a) by her rate of breathing
b) by tasting her urine
c) by her response to being licked
d) by her reaction to a mating dance

3. How long do giraffes live in the wild?
a) 15 - 20 years
b) 20 - 25 years
c) 25 - 30 years
d) 30 - 35 years

4. About how many hours a day do giraffes sleep?
has never been measured

5. Which of the following has a higher blood pressure than giraffes?
fruit bats
blue whales
giraffes have the highest blood pressure