"Legend" was carved from spalted maple and finished with Danish oil

  This fish is about 10" tall, it hangs on a wall.
"Three Fish" carved from Red cedar, mounted on a base of spalted maple    

Red cedar



carved from maple

"Listening For His Master" - carved from spalted maple    
  "Figure" - carved out of Red Cedar

  "A Short Branch on the Tree of Life"
  "Sebastes" - Red cedar on a maple base, about 18" long

  Leopard Moray Eel

Red cedar, painted with acrylics, on a maple base, 14" wide, 7" high

  Tidepool sculpin - Oligocottus maculosis

Red cedar on a maple base, 27" long

Red Irish Lord

Red Irish Lord - Hemilepidotus

Red cedar on a maple base, 24" long