Birds and Bird Houses

The larger birds are made from driftwood.  They are painted, then sprayed with varnish.  The smaller, patio birds, are carved out of cedar.  They are treated the same way after being mounted on a base or a branch.  
These guys are mounted on an oak base.  Their heads can be turned.
These three guys are mounted on a spalted maple base.

There are 2 adults and 7 chicks mounted on this 4 foot arbutus branch.  They are painted with acrylics and sprayed with varnish.  The base fir base has been verithaned.  All the heads can be turned.
The two adults and 3 of the chicks.
Two little birds on a maple base, they are sprayed with varnish, thus are good to be outside on a patio table.  Their heads turn, so they can be adjusted to suit.

10 little birds, like the ones above, mounted on a weathered arbutus branch.  They are sprayed with varnish and mounted on a verithaned piece of Douglas fir.
These guys would look great on a patio.  The little birds are mounted on an arbutus branch and sprayed with varnish so they should be good outside for quite a few years.
"Really Great" is about 5' tall
Jacques et Henri.  These guys are about 5' tall.  
These are decorative, rustic birdhouses, it's hard to say what might like to use them.  They are either painted with exterior latex or sprayed with verithane.




The stir stick in the pictures is 12" long.